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Be hassle free, while building your dream house. We provide end to end construction solution from drawing preparation and paper work to labour management, site supervision in one place.

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Residential Construction

We usually state that we want our dream house to look like this or that. We have so much to do with our residences to make them seem precise as we want them to, and the process of making the house of your dreams begins with laying the foundation and its development with a final outcome. Royal Home, a top residential construction firm, understands your requirements and objectives and gives its all to build the house you’ve always desired, accompanying you on your journey.

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Commercial Construction

Commercial construction is the process of creating structures such as offices, restaurants, retail buildings, hospitals, and warehouses, and it is usually done by commercial construction services. Apart from construction, these structures require design, licensing, supplier procurement, adherence to building rules, and zoning laws to ensure their long-term viability. Royal Home is one of the finest commercial construction businesses in the industry, and we perform everything to perfection.

commercial construction

Our Well-considered
Construction Process

Conception, Design and Planning

Before moving further with detailed design, project conception is where the project's initial ideas are considered. This comes after searching for the project's region and the specification of the applicable building standards. It is critical to get the help of an architect at this point to guarantee that everything is viable.


The development team secures the required equipment, workforce, and materials during the procurement stage. The difficulty of this phase is determined by the project's size, projected start date, and resource availability. At this point, the Royal Home allocates minor agreements to the subcontractors.

Post Construction

During this stage, all resources that aren't required for the project are demobilised. The site is cleaned up and the rentals are returned. Subcontractors who have finished their portion of the project are free to go on to other initiatives.

Phase Before Construction

This wide category encompasses all work done in advance of the physical construction of a building. The design is simplified, and the supplies and labor are assembled once the project management plan is completed. Pre-construction services are required to build a systematic approach to determining the project's cost, scope, and timeframes.

Phase of Construction

In the construction phase, the hammer hits the ground, changing the empty field into a building. The forethought pays off in this case. A pre-construction meeting is held to ensure everyone is on the same page. Our pre-construction meeting includes the following topics:

  • Storage and logistics
  • The essentials of the contract
  • Safety and health
  • Controlling the quality
  • Design difficulties that may arise

Why Choose Our
Construction Services

Cost of Project

Royal Home strives to provide real value for their client’s money while making enough money to support their employees’ well-being. Clients may rest assured that there will be no unexpected costs and that they will know exactly what they are getting with their detailed proposals.


Royal home takes pride in adhering to the philosophy that a good product is its own best advertisement. Their workers are the best in the area when it comes to craftsmanship. After the project is finished, quality construction persists.

in the Industry

Royal Home’s owners and employees have significant experience and a proven track record. Their expertise ensures that their tasks are completed correctly and professionally. They also work with just the most reliable subcontractors and vendors. A licenced professional engineer rounds out their team.


When Royal Home begins a project, they pledge to complete it in the shortest period possible. We employ the most up-to-date tools, procedures, and technology to do the job more rapidly. They have superior control over the project timetable and can speed the project by conducting their own site work, concrete, rough carpentry, outside finish work, and interior finish work.

of the Office

Royal Home performs excellent fieldwork, but they also handle their contracts with a high level of professionalism. A successful project requires comprehensive estimating, bids, licensing, and material/subcontractor integration. Their full-time administrative assistant also has a great deal of experience with accounting and bookkeeping. 

Design Services

Royal home uses AutoCad and Chief Architect software to develop many of the projects they accomplish. We ensure that the project is created to your standards and budget by completing designs in-house. We make sure that designs are cost-effective.


We Are the Leading Interior Design and Construction Company Based in Tezpur and Providing Services Across North East India.

Interior design in tezpur
interior design in tezpur

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Without a doubt, the most suitable value for money during our office renovation was Royal Home. Every step in the project, from layout to the conclusive walkthrough, was stress-free and pleasant, thanks to the team's competence at Royal home.
Daisy Rani Baruah Ahmed
From design to project management, everything went according to time and budget. We liked how they listened to our ideas and offered us a variety of possibilities to choose from. The Royal Home was a pleasure to work with throughout the process!
Lily Mepe

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