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We are well-known for our comprehensive home furnishings selection as well as customized bedroom and dining room furniture. Our distinctive furniture is created from the highest quality materials and is built to last. They’re crafted of high-quality real hardwood and will last a number of years. Our dining area and home furniture also have a spectacular edge because of their style, fabrication techniques, and exceptional workmanship. You can rest assured of getting the best-customized furniture not only for residential but also for commercial buildings with our expert craftsmen.

We offer alternative solutions whenever possible!

We like making gorgeous furniture at Royal Home. Our architecture and furniture development teams collaborate to create exceptional furniture using the most up-to-date trends and the highest-quality raw materials. Our goal is to provide our customers with pleasing furniture that produces the finest results. Our team of specialists is ready to help you with your custom furniture needs and provide you with the most dependable alternatives. We work hard to understand your particular requirements and provide customized furniture that creates the ideal environment for your business or residential home!

Customized Furniture in Tezpur

Why choose our
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Why choose our furniture

An experience- Not a negotiation!

Custom furnishings for your home or business is a worthwhile choice that displays your personal tastes and preferences. Shopping in a warehouse should not be compared to designing and constructing a product you will be proud of for decades. We recognize this and put as much effort into your experience as we do your custom design. Achievement for us means the process inculcates a sense of excitement and anticipation, not unhappiness, and ends with you fully satisfied with your piece.

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Supplying a well-constructed item is a matter of dignity, not just client service. We value our brand image and reputation just as much as we value your satisfaction. Every item we place in someone’s house or business is a reflection of who we are and what we do. Nothing will depart our business until it meets the high standards we set for our brand. Our goal at Royal Home is to make your interiors more beautiful by offering an outstanding selection of rare furnishings.

Materials of
Excellent Quality

We only employ high-quality components in our glue, hardware, lumber, and finish for 2 purposes. First and foremost, the final product will be more appealing, tougher, and longer-lasting. Second, we’ve found that lower-cost products aren’t always cheaper in the long run because they frequently increase employment costs. You may rest assured that our items will never contain composite materials or low-quality coatings.

Value and Selection

We provide the highest quality furniture for both the home and the workplace. We offer access to a wide range of furniture styles, including modern, contemporary, classic, and rustic. We value your needs and requirement and work accordingly! Sometimes the customized product you choose may not completely be liable for your space. Our top experts have been in this field for 10 years and will help you make the right selection while considering your requirements! 

Share your Thoughts

Our top experts are Royal Home value your recommendations and thoughts! We do not directly jump on to our views. Our furniture designers pay special attention to your specifications in order to create the right piece. Though if you are stuck somewhere, then our experts at Royal Home are always here to solve and provide solutions. Also, we have been in this field for years, so in case your customized item will not benefit you in any way, then we will also share our thoughts!


Manufacturing for your personalized furniture begins as soon as our team receives confirmation. Our craftsman at Royal Home works extremely hard day-night to get the best or, I can say, the most satisfactory outcome for your desired customized furniture product. When you choose a Royal Home for any of your customized furniture, take it drawing room, dining room, kitchen, or an other residential or commercial space, we guarantee you will not regret your decision!


After consultation and discussions, once you have decided on your customized furniture time, your concept is transformed into a functional 3D model for further approvals and confirmations. We will make changes until you are completely satisfied with your final outcome! Our experts at Royal Home don't get tired of making alternatives to the final outcome until you say it. You can get the best custom furniture designs developed into classy yet fitting accessories for your interiors and outdoors.


Each unique order is prioritized, and we make every effort to fulfill it on time. The final delivery time completely depends upon the number of products that you might have selected. At the time of consultation and discussion, our experts at Royal Home will provide you with an approximate time for delivery. We will make sure to deliver your customized products on time as well as not to disappoint you with late delivery.

Customization Process

Customized Furniture in Tezpur

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Without a doubt, the most suitable value for money during our office renovation was Royal Home. Every step in the project, from layout to the conclusive walkthrough, was stress-free and pleasant, thanks to the team's competence at Royal home.
Daisy Rani Baruah Ahmed
From design to project management, everything went according to time and budget. We liked how they listened to our ideas and offered us a variety of possibilities to choose from. The Royal Home was a pleasure to work with throughout the process!
Lily Mepe

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