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Customized modular kitchen

Customized according to your choice and needs

Be it modern chic or vintage victorian, the main attraction about heading for a modular new kitchen is how highly customizable it genuinely is. You can customize every aspect of your modular kitchen layout to match your space limits, design preferences, and equipment requirements. Based on the colour, size, or materials used, the compact design of all modular kitchens transforms the area into a modern aesthetic dream. Designing a modular kitchen becomes much easier once you’ve decided on the details of what you require.

Widest variety of materials to choose

Wood and wood-like products are typically used in kitchen cabinets. Hardwood, plywood, plasterboard, and fiberboard are all examples of this. Whether you go with solid wood or wood-based kitchen cabinet products is mostly a matter of personal taste and money. Glass cabinets may be used depending on the environment and style you want to achieve. Whether you choose wood or glass, Royal Home is here to consult and give you the best alternatives!

Modular kitchen in tezpur

Why choose our
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10 years warranty

When you choose Royal Home for your customized modular kitchen, you can rest assured of getting a minimum of 10 years of warranty because of the high-quality materials we use! Our company uses India’s most promising materials for your next customized modular kitchen. 

30-day delivery

Royal home is uncompromising when it comes to the timeframe. Our modular kitchen professionals have years of experience, and to date, they have never missed any deadline. When you choose us for your next customized kitchen, we guarantee you a 30-day delivery process!

Hassle-free process

When you choose us for your customized modular kitchen, you don’t have to bother about the management of each and every component of the modular kitchen. So you just have to relax and be calm; we will be here throughout your process and make sure that there is no inconvenience.

India’s best materials

Whether you choose wood, glass, or any other materials, Royal Home assures you of the highest quality materials. We never compromise when it comes to quality, and hence our work would be such that you will prefer us again for any of your future work.

Customized Modular Kitchen Design Process


Our skilled designers will listen to your needs and design your dream modular kitchen in 3D. Professionals in design will assist you in selecting the material and style that you will unquestionably adore. We make certain that the design of your kitchen reflects your personal preferences. Everything, from plans to furnishings and lighting, Our professionals will guide you in such a manner that your space is properly utilized and is extremely suitable for you.


After consultancy, once all the requirements and needs are set, we move further for manufacturing each and every component of your customized modular kitchen. At Royal Homes, you can be confirmed that the materials used will be of top-notch quality. All the construction processes will be done outside the home to avoid noise and make sure that your comfort is our priority.

Installation and Handover

Once all your components for a customized modular kitchen are ready, our top professionals will install them. Professionals at Royal Homes make sure that there is no other error or annoyances during installation. Even if there is any problem, we give 10 years warranty on our customized modular kitchens. Our expert craftsman will complete the work on time, and we confirm a 30-day delivery. With royal homes, you will get the most satisfactory kitchen!

Five Types of Modular Kitchen

L Shaped

U Shaped




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Without a doubt, the most suitable value for money during our office renovation was Royal Home. Every step in the project, from layout to the conclusive walkthrough, was stress-free and pleasant, thanks to the team's competence at Royal home.
Daisy Rani Baruah Ahmed
From design to project management, everything went according to time and budget. We liked how they listened to our ideas and offered us a variety of possibilities to choose from. The Royal Home was a pleasure to work with throughout the process!
Lily Mepe

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